Good morning. Good afternoon. Wherever you are today, we’re working on the 30 day challenge around I’m presenting this amazing understanding of the human dynamic. This picture is what’s called the vesica Pisces. Why’s to Google it and have a look and see what it’s all about and see what Pythagoras discovered by working on this diagram. And basically the diagram says that two bodies in the universe, whether it’s human bodies or trees or atoms or molecules or stars or planets or galaxies, can’t overlap more than 33% before they’ll become either they’ll be exploded away from each other or they’ll absorb each other. So in a relationship, a healthy relationship, 33% of our energy is collaborative. 66% is independent and separate, but I would like to show you some of the things that can go a little pear shaped, and I’m going to call it the wheel of fortune. You’ve probably seen by now that there are seven areas of life spent spiritual, mental, social career, financial health, and relationship. And we, we focus on the one that gives us the most trouble at the time. So at 10 o’clock in the morning, you might have a career challenge and a nine o’clock. You might have a a crisis of confidence, which is a spiritual challenge. By mid day, you might have something go wrong in your relationship. So that area comes up. So the wheel of fortune is this particular diagram spinning around. Now, when we first meet somebody wearing the pendant, we’ve got our seven areas of life, but we realized that I’d like to bring my relationship area of life and your area of relationship life together. And so there’s an agreement. We’re not bringing our bodies together in terms of our health program. We’re not bringing our careers together in terms of our work program. We’re not bringing necessarily our social engagement together or our money together, but people make this really big mistake. And they think that there is more than 33%. And I’m going to talk about this. It’s really important to understand it because it may just save Your relationship. So the real fortune concept is that we spin around each day, we get spin and we, the wheel spins and we turn, we stop spinning wherever we’ve got the challenge, and that makes our heads spin. So we even walk in the front door of a household, and then we start talking about wherever we spin to. So this wheel of fortune means we’re always focusing on what’s giving us trouble or what’s giving us pleasure or where we’re, where we’re at right now. Now, if it’s in a, if we take the wheel of fortune and trans light back into the seven areas of life, it means we around and focus on which area of life we are working on. If we’re concentrating or is giving us trouble, if we’re struggling a little bit, or we’ve just made a fortune we’ve just made a, a bonus at work or something go, oh, wow. My money, my money, my money. So we do spin to the area that attracts like the, what the call it, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. So this happens day in and day out. And especially if we don’t have emotional control, it happens even more and more. So what happens when two people come together, they overlap in the, in the Nessie, the gears overlap in the essential area, such as in love and intimacy then, and they form a relationship, but easily, what happens is one person can rotate around and they go, oh you know, what I want to talk about is my friends and my kids or our kids or somebody else’s kids, the other, person’s still there going, hang on. I’m here for love and affection and intimacy. As we were in the first place. Now you’re starting to talk about all your stress and bring home all your problems and your worries. And then that person says, well, if you’re going to do that, and I’m not going to get my love and intimacy met, maybe we should talk about the house and renovations and what we should do next, or my friends or my career. And so these two wheels start to spin in, in a, in a sense in complete opposition to the health of a relationship, then people start going home going, how’d you go to work today? How was your work? I’ve got so many problems at work. Oh my gosh, my work I’m so stressed at work. What happened at work? And where’s sensuality love and intimacy. The very thing that they came together to collaborate on, or they come home and one person spun out and the other one isn’t and they want to talk about work, or they want to talk about whatever’s giving them pain, such as one of their friends is gone, pear shaped. So this looks really like this to people, the relationship, and one spins and goes, I’m gonna SWAT. I call it the wheel of unfortunate. I’m going to talk about career today because that’s really in my head. I can’t get out of it. I want to talk to you all about my problems and my work. The other person says, well, given that I’m not getting my relationship needs met, I might just talk about my family or my friends or my social group. And then the other person comes there, goes, well, you know, my I’ve just spun around. And the topic on my thing is, you know, saving money and whether I’m going to get paid enough at work. So I’m going to Blab about that over dinner, or even lying in bed. And the other person says, well, I’m not getting my emotional needs met. I might as well talk more about my social life and where I’d like to go on the weekend and who I’d like to play games with. Then people start to spin out young. Well, I’m going to fill the space with my career. And the other person starts to fill space with their latest problem, which could be a health problem or a diet they’re doing or something like that. And the inevitable result Of this is this. And it’s really sad. So there’s a lot of people living in relationships that where the communication on love, intimacy and sensuality, which is the purpose of the relationship in the first place to connect on that level now is filled with a massive volume of everything else. So w what I’d love to say today is just see if you can recognize when you and your partner are off talking about the price of tea in China or Afghanistan, or COVID, or ask what school fees or which case you’re going to buy it and recognize that maybe some of those conversations are not our best not being bounced off your partner, but would be better being bounced off a financial advisor, being better, bounced off a career counselor, or even our coach, so that you can focus your relationship on exactly what it’s meant to do. And this is how you get a long-term healthy relationship. 66% of your entire life needs to be your own separate individual responsibility, including your money. 33% needs to be a collaborative, a common overlap of goals, visions, and inspirations. And with that, you’ll be in love forever. This is Chris. Have a beautiful day. Bye for now.