Well, imagine that you have seven gears, just like a bike has 10 or 12. Let’s imagine you have seven gears thinking, feeling, being, doing, wanting, winning, and having those seven gears need to be maintained. They need to be looked after the one thing, you know, for sure is that at some stage of every bike ride, you’re going to need all of those gears. You go up Hills, go downhills on the flat on the corners, around the thing. So every gear is needed and therefore every gear has to be looked after. And it’s the same in a day’s work in a, in a day of life. You need all the gears. So the most unfortunately, discovering bike riding, is it the best time to maintain your bike is yesterday. Like that. So what you’ve learned so far without knowing you’ve learned it without me advertising that you’ve learned it is what’s called a power hour, the walk-up power hour. Let me go through it with you. There are seven different terrains that you will engage in during a day of life. There’s the spiritual aspect, which I would call the gratitude walk. There’s the mat, the mental aspect, which I would call the emotional shower. There’s the health aspect, which I would call your diet and what you’re eating at the present time. There’s the financial aspect, which is which includes organization and knowing where you’re going and what you want. There’s the social aspect about engaging with interconnectedness and engaging with other people and listening. There’s the career aspect, talking about leadership and there’s of course the relationship aspect. So the seven aspects or the different terrains that you’ll cover each day in your life require different Headspace and different mindsets and different approaches in our metaphor today, different gears. So we create what’s called the daily power hour in the daily power hour. You maintain the seven gears that make you available to each area of life. So the seven gears and the seven areas of life don’t go inside. Each of the areas of life require you to use all seven gears. Let’s go through it. The first thing in the back on track process, the daily power hour is time of contemplation time. When you think, am I being judgemental? Am I being projecting myself? Am I listening? Am I engaging? Or am I reacting? And if you’re reacting, we or carrying baggage, pig, poo boots, or whatever, from one area of life to the other, you have a tool, the emotional shower, the next one is, am I, is my body assimilating? Am I evolving? Or am I in a repetitive pattern of eating and drinking and playing that makes that aspect of life secondary to work. And as you’ve probably found out this week with your gratitude walks and the things you’ve done and the, and the burst training, it’s really important to do high tech, high intensity, low time consuming exercise on a daily basis so that you don’t feel, let’s say overwhelmed by the idea of having to go for a four hour bike ride organization is the next aspect, which was your decluttering bay. Do we really made it? I hope cleared and gave you the experience that, that when you declutter and you clean something out, you make it simpler. You create an environment that is most suited to being happy, most suited, to being productive and most suited to being a good leader and environmental cleansing on a daily basis is really important. It includes your clothes. It includes your desk. It includes your inbox. It includes your shoes, your car, your garage. There’s a sort of a daily requirement to do that. De-cluttering process motivation really comes down to what he wants and why do you want it and how much you’re willing to pay for it. And I think this aspect of the 30 day challenge, the values aspect is going to be really important to explore as we go on. But you started to nudge the idea of priorities and prioritization. And especially tomorrow, when you work on tomorrow’s program inspiration, which is really the future. So although we call it inspiration, it’s really vision, inspiration, and purpose. And to know what you want in the future has been triggered in the last days, by the fact that you’ve had to have discipline in the present to cause what you want in the future. And this alignment between the discipline of what you do today and the outcome of what you’re doing in the future has been tested a little bit over the last days, translation. This is the idea of self-talk. Now this thing inside your head, this territory up here, this, this travels with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 and a quarter days a year for the whole of your life and what it thinks and what it says and what it talks about, whether you’re over a stress or under a stress, whether you’re feeling self-confident or not feelings, whether you’re stressed or not stressed. These are decisions made up here. And this translation area, this self-talk is so critical because we cannot overcome our own self-talk. If it’s negative, if it’s not visionary, it’s not imagination. And ultimately all of this leads to the concept of creation to create something that you want. And that’s going to be the rest of your 30 days. So, so far, I’ve given you what’s called the daily power hour. And if you take the disciplines that you’ve over the last seven sessions and apply them on a daily basis, even for a few minutes here and there, I promise you that you will have a maintenance program that evolves you let’s move forward. The program so far has been a gratitude walk, life balance, calm your mind, declutter, learn focus, mindfulness of body build resilience, which is self-talk. And now tomorrow you’re going to start your vision quest, and I really hope you enjoy that. We’re going to continue enhancing your qualities of the seven areas of life. We’re going to enhance the qualities of your power hour, going to keep talking about that, but underneath all this for the next 14 days from tomorrow, you’re going to be doing a vision quest and it’s all self-explanatory. So thank you for listening. And I’m looking forward to the future with you. Bye for now.

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