As above so below: it’s a great quote for those looking to live authentic lives - it means something different for everyone. For me, a student of nature, it means big theories (opinions) are fantasies unless we can also witness what we say (opinion) in small things too. Here, the picture of BONDI looks wonderful … Continue reading BALANCED CENTRED AND CALM – LEADERSHIP ATTITUDES THAT WIN FRIENDS

EXCELLENCE AT WORK There is no better metaphor for excellence than weight lifting. A 73Kg person from China has the world record for clean and jerk of 169 kg... more than twice their body weight. For Women, 71kg person, 152 kg. The difference is negligible. For the unlimited weight person, men, the record is 265 kg, for … Continue reading EXCELLENCE AT WORK

People pleasing

People pleasing has a bad reputation. It seems when things go wrong we easily blame it for lost direction. But is it so wrong? Every entertainer does it. Every entrepreneur thrives on it. Every athlete can’t pay their bills unless they do it. A surgeon would end in jail if they didn’t do it and … Continue reading People pleasing

Death and the Fear of it

It’s Sunday morning, 7am, I’m still in bed. It’s a rare thing, I’m usually up coaching someone or walking the beach doing podcasts, or at the least riding my bike. But today is different. The Taliban are attacking Afghanistan - again - America is pulling out - just like Vietnam - and millions will or … Continue reading Death and the Fear of it


Dishes done with love do not keep us awake. Tea without caffeine is not a cause. Cooking lovingly will soothe us ready for sleep and time spent working before bed on things poetic or artistic don not keep us awake. What we do with love makes us sleep deeper no matter the importance of it. … Continue reading SLEEP


There can be lots to be angry about. Anger is a huge and essential part of nature. Anger, like everything in the universe is a gift to you. You can use anger. Anger is not a bad thing. Anger is both good and bad. Anger is simply anger until you judge it. Anger drives change. … Continue reading ANGER MANAGEMENT

The Miracle of Disappointment

Nature never apologises. Everything she does, she means to do. There are no accidents in nature. She intends everything that happens. Everything has a purpose. And, one such miracle is disappointment. We project our hopes onto a screen as a movie projects onto a television screen. We have a script, a light for energy, and … Continue reading The Miracle of Disappointment


Separated from nature I am whole. I feel whole at least. Four walls define me. I am wealthy because my bank defines me so. I am healthy, because I do nothing to interrupt my experience of it. I am good because I do nothing more than watch TV and eat. So easy is life when … Continue reading LIFE’S SECRET

Beware setting your sights on a moving target

You might be sitting down thinking "what am I going to do when Covid restrictions lift and life gets back to "normal." There are a few things you might need to avoid in making your choices. Most important is to avoid setting your sights on a moving target. It's the equivalent of playing football when … Continue reading Beware setting your sights on a moving target


There are three layers of thought: The First Layer The Second LayerThe Third The first layer results in stress and anxiety because it has no certainty of the future. It is purely emotional thinking and even those with the highest levels of EQ, will be stressed and experience anxiety. It is therefore the mission of Innerwealth … Continue reading MENTAL TOUGHNESS – GETTING THROUGH COVID


Here’s a story about romance, spirituality and love. Infatuation attracts us to someone. To the level of infatuation that attracts us to someone, there will be the resentment to push us away. Infatuation breeds resentment. How we react to this post honeymoon infatuation depends on our constitution. An ether person will live in fantasy and … Continue reading THE NATURE OF LOVE

Mental Note – I believe in nature and therefore I believe

> > > I believe in nature and therefore I believe in love. > > I believed in Buddhism too, but then I read the Buddha's quote "teach then the illusion until they are ready for truth" and I realised that the mission of Buddism is to cause peace, not inspire Vision, Inspiration or Purpose … Continue reading Mental Note – I believe in nature and therefore I believe

Finding Your Greatest Weakness

In every interview, whether it be for a new job or a sport team you'll be asked to identify your greatest weakness. The reason that it's such an important message is obvious, it reveals the degree of your self awareness. A person who focusses on their strengths and doesn't know their weaknesses is dangerous. However, … Continue reading Finding Your Greatest Weakness

Navigating the Corporate Nightmare

At around the age of 40-45 you'll start to think to yourself, "where am I going and should I make a shift?" The reason that it's an age thing is that your corporate / career trajectory starts to flatten out around 50 and whatever path you've chosen before then, is pretty much the path you're … Continue reading Navigating the Corporate Nightmare

A small challenge and help raise funds to keep Kanchan and 85 other children in Nepal with their families!

Dear Friends, Are you planning to run a marathon, scale a mountain, swim some rough waters, undertake a cycling adventure, or participate in a fun run or walk, or know anyone that is? If so, why not do so in the name of SCAI and ask people to support Kanchan and the 85 other children … Continue reading A small challenge and help raise funds to keep Kanchan and 85 other children in Nepal with their families!


Life is one long series of never ending transitions. Moving from one job to another, from one boss to another, from one love to another, from one sport to another, from one age to another. Transitions are life. Nature, and therefore you, never move in straight lines. You must already know this about life. Your … Continue reading Transitions

Life Balance – Mental Health

Arrange your life so that mental health does not become a hindrance. Adhere to the laws of balance in all your mental activity. See that be getting elated to will breed a depression. Acknowledge that righteousness, the idea that you are right, is the cause of all mental diseases. Breakthrough your expectations. Expectations are the … Continue reading Life Balance – Mental Health


CHRIS WALKER: AUSTRALIA'S AND PROBABLY THE WORLD'S LEADER IN SELF-LEADERSHIP Over 35 years of coaching with famous people and companies (You would know them)18 years international professional speakerCulture change consultant to Government of Canada and Fortune 100 firms 56 led adventures to Nepal Himalayas (Australia’s friend to Nepal)3000+ speaking engagements (from Calgary to Kalgoorlie) Worked … Continue reading THOUGHT LEADER

Individualism – A New Era for Self Management in Business.

J.Walter Thompson just released a significant and expensive report on the "Single Age" in which they link individualism, with a massive trend for people to remain single for life. They write: "Individualism is on the rise, bringing with it a new set of values. In an age defined less and less by traditionalism and more … Continue reading Individualism – A New Era for Self Management in Business.

Beyond Doubt

I am standing on a narrow ledge, the wind is strong, my grip is small, the drop is huge and life threatening. One single doubt will throw my balance. Let my doubts be cleared.Christopher Walker In a search to conserve the Energy with you, the emphasis is not on questioning but on doubt.  “Let my … Continue reading Beyond Doubt


TOPIC 3. A BALANCED PERSON IS A GOOD LEADER, A HAPPY FAMILY MEMBER, A GREAT PARTNER, A HEALTHY SELF AND A CONTRIBUTOR TO THE BROADER WORLD. Christopher Walker Staying balanced means: Doing the right thing. Preventing doing the wrong thing. Creating good things. Being healthy and happy enough to enjoy the journey. PRESENTATION A BALANCED … Continue reading BALANCE


It overwhelms me with hurt to witness the misinterpretation of good thinking, when people translate positive thinking as the lack of negative thinking. That is the equivalent to being good and never bad. It's the equivalent to success without failure or right without wrong. It is a notion of terrorism in our own lives and … Continue reading FOOLISH TO CONSIDER POSITIVE THINKING IS ONLY THINKING POSITIVE

Manage Your Inner Environment to Create a Better Outer Environment

Energy is beauty.  A thing is deemed beautiful only when its parts are in harmony.  The world is called beautiful because everything acts in conformity with its true nature; it returns to a certain known, it is acting according to its own nature, it is that true energy which resonates with our  heart.  All beauty, … Continue reading Manage Your Inner Environment to Create a Better Outer Environment

An evolutionary individual recognises the need for personal change to change the world

An evolutionary individual recognises the need for personal change to change the worldChris Walker We all want to make changes in the world – to move past this virus, to see the world as a better place, to change our health, family, business and relationships to embrace a greater humanity. We have a golden opportunity … Continue reading An evolutionary individual recognises the need for personal change to change the world

Tolerance and Mental Health

We feel uncomfortable challenging people when they cry poor. The more uncomfortable we feel the more important it is to challenge them. Mental health escalated when it is fed. Feeding mental health problems is often confused with compassion and tolerance. But compassion is not about making mental health worse. Impassion is about improving mental health. … Continue reading Tolerance and Mental Health


"Imagine the possibilities of learning an easy way of being 100% in control of your mental, emotional and physical strength. It would give you the ability to handle stress, move through difficulties, and stay happier faster. To stay young and healthy in body and mind. This is the technology of Innerwealth for Life Balance" THE … Continue reading INNERWEALTH FOR A RICH, REWARDING QUALITY OF LIFE


TOPIC 1. KEEPING YOUR HEAD ON STRAIGHT WHILE LEADING, GUIDING AND CAUSING INTENSE CHANGE. Self-Leadership includes knowing how to keep your head on straight: stay focussed and maintain life balance during periods of intense change. It is a powerful skill. Many executives learn it from experience but experience is the worst teacher, very slow and … Continue reading SELF-LEADERSHIP