GM – Global Construction Industry

Invest in your innerwealth with Chris Walker you wont regret it, it will be the best investment of your life, trust me. You wander through your life from your teens, twenties and thirties, there seems so much to look forward to, career, marriage, the perfect house, holidays and then the kids. You then hit your forties and you begin to wonder what’s it all for and why am I on this hamster wheel. 

About 18 month ago I looked in the mirror and asked is history going to repeat itself with my career, it was certainly was heading that way until my best mate encouraged me to have a chat with Chris.  After an hour discussion with Chris walking along the beach at Port Melbourne it was clear that he could help me not make the same mistakes I have made multiple times before. 

Chris is like no other coach, career counsellor or mental health professional that I have engaged over the years to help work through the career challenges.  You very quickly realise that Chris doesn’t just work on one aspect of your life or development, he works on everything to ensure your balance all the competing priorities.  It’s a wild ride at the start as he challenges everything opinion, value and aspect of your life to ensure he can get you to your next level in your career, marriage, happiness, fatherhood, financial goals, health and more, it’s the entire package. 

Given that Chris has a wealth of experience, made plenty of mistakes himself, has a deep knowledge of the human condition and over 40 years of coaching, keynote speaking and development of individuals he can quickly get you to the next level. If you want to improve yourself, wake up inspired every day of your life and fulfil all your dreams, give him a call, drop him an email and start something very special. 

We often forget to invest in our most valuable asset, ourself, 18 months on I know where I’m heading and I have another lifetime ahead of me, it’s just the start of the second half, thanks very much Chris for building my innerwealth.

Thank you, A.