Deloitte – Big Changes

I rolled my eyes when my friend suggested I speak to his career coach. “Just talk to him for 30 minutes. See what he says.” It took me 2 months to finally set up the call, mainly to tick the box and so dismiss it. When I hung up the phone I was literally shaking. 

Somehow, this guy picked up on all the pain points I had worked so hard to mask from the world – and myself. Without mincing words, he told me why I had been struggling – and I’ll be goddamned but I knew he was right. The question was for me – did I want to do the work? It would take a year, and wasn’t for the faint of heart. this wasn’t wishy washy bullshit, but was about tangible results. 

Part of me keeps expecting him to ‘run out of material’, and the standing joke after each session is me saying to him “you did it again, you fucker.”