Chris – to you –  unique spirit, beautiful soul, living angel, loving heart

Every day, I wake up and my first thoughts are – “thank god I’m alive! Thank you!!”

I carry on with a morning routine which Chris thought me, “The Walkachi” I make it my own and made it my own version, although the structure is always the same. It’s about learning how to set my intentions for the day ahead to be success, my success. It is such a easy process that even my kids seeing me doing it every day started embracing it themselves – in their own way.

Since I met Chris, I have learnt many new tools and turned them into habits I can sustain with minimum effort. I have become my own person and started growing my own garden of happiness, I even put a fence around it to protect it. it’s priceless, to see where I came from and what I’ve achieved since being coached by Chris, and what I’m living today. It is priceless, the joy I have today combined with the excitement of what’s next to come tomorrow. I can’t remember one morning where I didn’t smile with my heart wide open, with love and sparkles of joy going in and out to the world.

With patience, love, genius tools and an incredible commitment to open hearts, Chris taught me how to enjoy every step of my life, no matter what’s happening, no matter the events, good or bad, sport injury, divorce, work stress, parenting challenges, financial distress, Covid lockdown, you name it. Chris taught me how to see balance in every situation and be stress free while learning from those events and getting stronger and happier on the way.

Today, I am able to honestly say: thank you for making me realise that I’ve got the life I’ve always dreamed of… and that’s it as simple as being able to appreciate the form I’ve got it in.

Being coached taught me that there’s no limit to dreams and success and that challenges are real but just in a ‘can do’ bucket.

Today, I finish the day with more energy than I started it with. And that was high already.

Lucky to be coached!

Thank you Chris!